Network Infrastructure in Ransomware’s Crosshairs

Addressing Supply Chain Threats


In 2023, ransomware continues to do even more damage. Despite efforts to disrupt ransomware operations, criminal groups adapt including their tactics and techniques.

One of the major developments in 2023 is a focus on network devices—such as ADCs, firewalls, and VPNs.

Watch as Eclypsium's Director of Threat Research, Nate Warfield,  dives into the reasons behind ransomware groups targeting network infrastructure

  • Why Network Infrastructure?
    Explore the motivations and strategies behind the shift towards targeting network devices.
  • Harden Your Defenses:
    Learn actionable steps to strengthen your network infrastructure against ransomware attacks, including best practices and recommended security measures.
  • Demo: Anatomy of an Attack:
    Witness a demonstration illustrating how attackers exploit vulnerabilities in network devices for initial access, command and control, and network reconnaissance.